Blue Spring Run Farm

Our farm has gone through many phases during our family's lifetime. Our farm began when my husband and I moved back to Virginia where I continued to be a stay-at-home mom of our six daughters. Having a large family for us meant that we did what we needed to in order to make ends meet, and that meant farming. Our farm actually started as a vegetable farm, but as the girls grew and began to take interest in the farm, I let them work with their father with the vegetables while I transitioned to learning more about lavender. Now the girls are grown and on their own, we no longer need to grow all the vegetables, although we still have some. Now my husband maintains the vegetables and fruit that we grow, and we both have turned to growing and developing our lavender patch hoping that one day it will become the lavender field that we envision. In addition to further developing my love of lavender, we have returned to one of John's favorite past times, working with honey bees. He loves these little creatures, and their wonderful ability to help make our plant's grow as well as providing us with tasty honey and many other useful by-products.


Debrena Gordon

Although lavender is my passion, I love helping my husband with his bees. After he harvests the honey, I help him spin-out and bottle the honey. I have also learned to turn the honey and bee's wax into many useful household and beauty products. Feel free to take a look at our online shop to see the many ways that honey and bee's wax can be incorporated into different products.

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John Gordon

I am crazy about honey bees! I love building my hives for my little friends to live in and have knack for catching more of them in my swarm traps. Once they are happy in their home, and helpful pollinating the fields, I begin observing them and researching the best ways to keep my bees safe and health. Once it is time to harvest, I gather their honey and reset their homes so they are ready to start again. I have learned a lot about my little friends over the years and would love to answer any questions you have about the wonderful world of honey bees.